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Run NotesTimer event code during Notes client busying
~Dean Quetgerotherader 02:37 AM
Notes Client 6.0.2 CF2 Windows 2000

Sub MinderTimerHandler(Source As NotesTimer)
dim news as string

Source.Enabled = False

news=fMsg 'fMsg function will scan my mail box to check new mails.
print news

Source.Enabled = True
End Sub

NotesTimer event code will run per 15mins. If Notes client is busing when NotesTimer event code run, Notes client will halt.

For example,when I open a address dialogbox,NotesTimer event code begin to run,then cursor jump continuous,can't stop.

Because the prompted dialogbox, function fMsg will not be run, then Notes client halt.

How to solve the conflict? how to check if the client is busying before run the event code? thks!

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